How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

February 25, 2021 6:02 am


The frequency of changing your toothbrush entirely depends on your lifestyle, and how often you visit the dentist. Most dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every three months; if you have children, or are a smoker, you should replace it every couple of months. In the case of a tooth abscess, or a serious gum infection, it may be necessary to switch your toothbrush more frequently.

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Your dentist can recommend a brand and/or model of toothbrush that will work best for you and your specific tooth problems and you can also find a Bamboo Toothbrush from places such as if you are conscious about the impact of plastic on the environment.

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The cost of toothbrushes varies widely, depending on the brand, type, and design. The toothbrush you choose should be in good quality, so that it remains effective over time. The harder that you brush your teeth the quicker that the toothbrush will need to be replaced.

Ortal hygiene is incredibly important not only for the appearance of your teeth and to help prevent you from having to have dental work done but also for your overall wellbeing and  health. There are studies that have been undertaken that have linked poor oral hygiene and gum health with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. It also helps to prevent bad breath from occurring which can be incredibly embarrassing.