How Botox became a beauty trend

May 26, 2020 5:12 pm


Many new discoveries in the beauty industry and medical field happen by accident. Clinicians who undertake the research of  new treatments and drugs in Paid Clinical Trials, like the ones from often come up with surprising results. This can be a new drug that works effectively to help the symptoms of a particular illness or a drug that has a surprising side effect that means it can be used in a different way.

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Botox comes from Botulinum which is the toxin that causes Botulism. It was first noted by Justinus Kerner back in 1820 and the bacteria being discovered later on in 1895. During the mid 1900s it was noted that the toxin had the ability to be able to block a neurotransmitter from reaching the nerve endings.

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Thankfully botulism is extremely rare these days and there are many ways in which the medical professional will try to treat those who do display symptoms. One surprising outcome of studying this illness and the toxin that causes it, is the use of it in cosmetic procedures. Due to its ability to block neurotransmitters it can help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing on the surface of the skin as it paralyses the facial muscles temporarily.