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The wonderful Woods/Forest of Swinley near Bracknell Forest

Posted on: June 15, 2020

Often mistakenly referred to as “Bracknell Forest” the Swinley Woods or Forest is a large 2,600-acre part of the Windsor estate.  A safe sanctuary for the many species of birds that reside there it is owned and tended by the Crown Estates.  Offering spectacular and thrilling off road mountain biking it has some of the best single-track trails available, as long as you acquire a permit you can enjoy hours of fun speeding along the…

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field hockey

For Love or Money – Can Professional Field Hockey Players Have Both?

Posted on: October 9, 2019

Hockey players are not known for their high-paid jobs, although they can earn decent money if they are successful. The problem comes when players have to decide whether to follow their hearts or to chase the big bucks. To follow their hearts, they will play hockey for low amounts of money or even no money; to follow the money, they will play for whoever offers the most cash or switch careers altogether. Can pro hockey…

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