Home Lighting Tips

May 11, 2020 7:53 pm


A light fitting does not need to be big and bold to add the wow-factor to your interior decor. You can accomplish this using creative ideas with the shape, size, volume, proportion and materials selected to instantly change a room. Here are some useful tips:

Big is not everything

A piece need not be large to make a statement, it only has to be beautiful. If you want to have a stand-out piece, it does not allow the rest of the decor of the room to be in competition. Proper proportions and colour scheme will help to set it off to its best advantage. For example, you do not always need a strip light in the bathroom. Why not try something a little out of the ordinary, such as a retro chandelier that offers elegant curves and unusual styling and make for a surprising addition to this space?

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Each light fitting has two faces

A light fitting will give two different appearances depending on whether it is switched on or off. Consider that the fitting will only truly achieve its full potential when illuminated. A fitting can look mediocre during the day but far more exotic once darkness falls, casting wonderful light and shadow effects. Consider the effect on the room at different times of day. Remember to pair with a stylish Ceiling Rose. Find your Ceiling Rose at a site like Creative Cables.

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Mix and Match

Consider using lighting fixtures from a variety of different periods and do not be afraid to mix and match styles. No matter if you have a fifties table lamp combined with a contemporary spotlight, as long as they share common good design.