What to do if your car is stolen

July 1, 2020 3:41 pm


None of us think our car will be the one that gets stolen, but unfortunately, it happens a lot and can happen to you at any time. If you find yourself in this terrible position, here is a list of things to do.

Check and check again

You will be surprised how many people think their car has been stolen when it wasn’t. Are you parked in a place you shouldn’t have, and it was towed away? Did you even travel in your car that day? Be absolutely sure before you take the next steps.

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Towed or stolen?

If you realize it has been towed, to find out where it has been taken you can call 101 or visit the local police station. You will most likely need to pay the release fee in the complex and additional charges may apply if you parked illegally.

If you know it was stolen, call the police immediately. They will need to know the vehicle registration, the model, make and colour. You will be provided with a crime reference number that you should give to your insurance company. Avoid theft altogether with a Ghost Car Alarm. Find out more about a Ghost Car Alarm at a site like MPH Vehicle Solutions

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A GPS tracking device can help in this situation, helping to pin-point the location of your vehicle. Tell the police if you have one of these devices installed but do not go looking for your own vehicle.

Contact your insurance provider

Once you tell the police, it’s time to contact your insurance company to start making the claim. It’s important to try to remember everything that was inside your vehicle when it was stolen.