What Are Traffic Calming Measures?

August 26, 2021 6:36 pm


These are measures that can be implemented to either reduce traffic volume or to improve traffic conditions on a road. Traffic calming is normally executed on busy urban streets and major highways where the volume of traffic is deemed to be excessive and poses a danger to drivers or pedestrians alike. For example, where there is heavy vehicular traffic on a one-way, through lane, or an alley, a traffic calming measure may be put in place to reduce traffic volume or to improve conditions for both drivers and pedestrians.

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When there is heavy vehicular traffic, the cause of this could be excessive speeding, changing lanes too quickly, or even stopping or slowing down without sufficient notice. The only way to avoid such a traffic jam is to allow enough time for traffic to merge into each other’s lane. Also, when driving through heavy traffic, it is advisable to maintain your speed at a constant rate rather than continually adjusting your speed.

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Traffic calming can also be used to address traffic problems caused by accidents and temporary measures. Always keep an eye on signs, alerts and response vehicles which will display Chapter 8 chevrons, available if you Go to PVL UK. To deal with this, slow down or go slower when approaching traffic calming measures or roadworks, especially during the hours of peak traffic. You may also want to get a weather alert watch to keep yourself aware of any weather-related traffic problems that may occur that day.